Very useful resource, especialy in the insulation chapter.1. INTRODUCTION 52. AIR DUCTS AND INSULATION SOLUTIONS2.1. Metal Ducts 102.2. Glass wool ductboards CLIMAVER 112.3. Plastic ducts 122.4. Flexible ducts 133. THERMAL INSULATION IN HVAC DUCT WORK3.1. Calculating insulation thicknesses 163.2. Thermal insulation of ducts 183.3. Condensation risks 224. ACOUSTIC INSULATION IN HVAC DUCT WORK4.1. Origins and paths of sound transmission in installations 264.2. Solutions for installation noise 275. FIRE PROTECTION IN HVAC DUCT WORK5.1. Reaction to fire 405.2. Fire resistance 426. PRESSURE LOSSES IN AIR DUCTS6.1. Static, dynamic and total pressure 466.2. Pressure losses 477. AIR QUALITY – THE ROLE OF HVAC DUCTS7.1. Air ducts factors influencing IAQ 587.2. Duct cleaning